Agriculture plays an important role in the global economy, and agriculture accounts for 4% of global production. According to statistics from the World Bank, agriculture employs 33% of the volume of labor in the world, and Africa’s economy depends on agricultural production and agriculture in African countries accounts for more than a third of local gross production And 70% of them work in the field of agriculture, and in this article, we will explain to you the ranking of Arab countries in terms of agricultural production.


Egypt is the first in agricultural production, and the agricultural sector represents 15% of the gross domestic product, and the value of agriculture in Egypt is 28 billion dollars annually, and the proportion of employees represents 25% of the population of Egypt, i.e. 9 million workers, and Egypt is characterized by the abundance of agricultural lands.

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Algeria is the second in the Arab countries with agricultural production, and agriculture contributes 12% of the total income, and more than 21% of the population of Algeria lives in this sector, and the value of agricultural production is estimated at 22 billion dollars annually, the total agricultural area is estimated at 42.4 million hectares, which represents 18 % Of the country’s total area.

Saudi Arabia

The third place in agricultural production, Saudi Arabia worked to improve agricultural production in a short period and was able to outperform many Arab countries, and the value of agricultural production in Saudi Arabia is estimated at 16 billion dollars annually.

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Morocco a green nature and a very favorable climate for agriculture and agriculture plays an important role in the economy of Morocco, and a million hectares are cultivated, and agriculture forms a large part of the country’s exports, and the volume of agricultural production in Morocco reached 14.2 billion dollars.


Agriculture is one of the pillars of the economy. The area of ​​agriculture in Sudan is 2.505,810 km, and 50% of the gross domestic product contributes, 80% of Sudanese work in agriculture, and the cost of agriculture is 12.7 billion dollars.

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Iraq the sixth in agricultural production, and the Iraqi share of agricultural production have become equivalent to 1177 dollars, while the per capita share in Arab countries does not exceed 298 dollars per year.


Agriculture in the United Arab Emirates and modern technology is used in production processes, and 200,000 acres of land are cultivated in the UAE, and the cost of this production reaches $ 4.5 billion annually.

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