Payoneer Bank

Payoneer was established in 2005, and it is very popular in the Middle East countries, especially the Arab countries. It is fully supported by most banks operating in the Arab countries. This bank also allows you to transfer between a Payoneer account and another Payoneer account for free and without fees. Payoneer Bank provides a mobile application, especially for Android and iPhone.

Comparison between Paysera and Payoneer

Card Price

A Payoneer bank card costs $ 30, and a Paysera bank card costs a person 3 euros. The cost of a Payoneer card is very expensive.

Card Activation

Card activation for both Payoneer and Paysera is free of charge, at no cost.

Monthly Fees

There is not much difference between the monthly cost of Payoneer Bank and Paysera, the monthly cost of the Payoneer Bank Card is $ 2.5, and the Bankera Bank Card is 0,45 €.

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Annual Fees

There is a clear and big difference between the annual fees of banks. The annual fee for the Payoneer Bankcard is $ 29.95, and the Paysera bank card fee is € 5,4.

Card Cancellation Fee

As for the Payoneer Bank Card, there is no cancellation of the card and this is the opposite of Paysera, the cancellation fee for the Paysera Bank Card will cost 10 euros.

Card Replacement

The Payoneer Bank Card Replacement Fee is $ 12.95 USD, and the Paysera Bank Card Replacement Fee is less than the Payoneer Fee, it is € 3.

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Cancel Payment due to Error

As for the Payoneer Bank Card, there is no fee to cancel the payment due to the error, while for the cancellation payment for the Paysera Card, the fee is €10.

The Validity of the Card

The expiration date of the card, the validity of the Payoneer Bankcard is three years, and the validity of the Paysera Bankcard is four years.

Number of Account Cards

One card is enough to send and receive this money for Payoneer Bank, and for Paysera Bankcard the number of account cards is 5 cards.

Withdrawal from PayPal

You can withdraw from the PayPal account and its fees are free for Payoneer Bank, and for the Paysera Bankcard, it charges 4 €.

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Contacting Technical Support

Communicate with Payoneer and Paysera banks easily and quickly, and you can inquire and inquire about things you want to understand.

Minimum Income Transfer

The minimum transfer amount for a Payoneer Bankcard is at least $50, while for a Paysera Bankcard; the minimum is open, no specific number.

Shipping Methods of Visa Payoneer

  • Payment service through Visa Payoneer, such as Odesk and Stock photo and other companies that pay for work through a Payoneer account.
  • American services and these services provide the creation of virtual accounts through which the user can withdraw with Visa Payoneer.
  • Websites, the owner of this visa works on it, such as Amazon, Khamsat, and other popular sites.

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Payoneer Bank Card Specifications

  • It works on all ATMs around the world
  • It works on all websites and you can promote it on Facebook.
  • The card does a PayPal account
  • The ability to shop from Amazon and all electronic stores.
  • Supports financial transfers to any bank, international card, or electronic accounts.
  • The card has a special account on the Payoneer special website on which you can free your account statement.
  • You can withdraw your profits from YouTube and from profitable sites.

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