Best bank to open a savings account in the UAE

A large number of individuals are looking for the appropriate way to preserve their money at the lowest risk ratio with acceptable returns, and savings accounts are one of the methods that individuals can use to store their money and obtain interest as well, and there are many UAE banks that provide a savings account service, and in this article On our trade platform, we will show you the best bank to open a savings account in the UAE

What is a savings account?

The savings account is a service provided by the bank, which allows you to store your money while earning interest on your contributions, and the savings account is a basic type of bank account that allows you to deposit money, keep it safe, and with the ability to withdraw money and reap benefits as well.

How to choose the right bank to open a savings account with

Many people wonder how to choose the right bank to open a savings account with, and the matter is simply that you must choose the bank that meets your needs, with a comparison between banks by reviewing interest rates, fees, minimum balance requirements and other factors, so before opening a savings account in any bank, be careful Gather the information you need to open an account.

How to open a savings account in the UAE

The process of opening a savings account in the UAE will take less than an hour and sometimes only a few minutes, and the account will serve you for many years to come, and the easiest way to open an account is to do this online or using your mobile device by visiting the official website of the bank with which you want to open a savings account, And that is after searching for the best banks that can offer you a savings account with high interest in the UAE, and in general savings accounts do not give very high interest, but banks differ in the interest rates of the savings accounts that they provide, and if you prefer personal guidance, please visit one of the branches the bank.

Best bank to open a savings account in the UAE

There are many banks that can open savings accounts in the UAE, and the following is a list of the best banks with which you can open a savings account in the UAE:

1. Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank offers a variety of banking services, and it is distinguished by being one of the best banks in the UAE that offers excellent savings accounts, as it offers a Kunooz Saving Account, and the minimum balance and monthly income with it is 3 thousand dirhams.

It also offers many weekly and monthly financial prizes, with a draw for cars every 3 months, and all transactions and banking services at Emirates Islamic Bank are in compliance with the principles of Islamic Sharia, and opening a savings account in that bank is available for individuals, joint accounts, or minors.

2. Noor Bank of the Emirates

Noor Bank of the Emirates offers the dual account, which is one of the distinguished savings accounts in the UAE that require a minimum of

The monthly income is 5000 dirhams, with a minimum balance of 3000 dirhams, and this bank offers to its customers as well

The possibility of depositing in different currencies, obtaining a free check book, and all its banking services are available on

The Internet is also in addition to being compatible with the provisions of Islamic law.

3. First Abu Dhabi Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank offers a premium savings account service, which is the Islamic Savings Account, which is one of the best

Savings accounts in UAE banks, which require a minimum monthly income of 8,000 dirhams, with a minimum

From the balance of 10,000 dirhams, it allows deposits in dirhams along with other major currencies, and provides the possibility

Withdraw cash from any ATM in the world, and it provides the debit card completely free of charge to its customers.

4. Emirates NBD Bank

Emirates NBD savings accounts are one of the best savings accounts in the UAE, as it does not

A minimum income is required, unlike other banks, all that is needed is to deposit an amount of no less than 3000

Dirhams, with the necessity to keep that amount in the deposit in the bank for a period of 30 days without withdrawal, for the purpose of investigation

Take advantage of it, and it can be deposited in dirham and dollar currencies.