When dealing and buying electronically, follow the following tips. In this article, we will mention the most important tips when shopping and purchasing through credit and virtual cards.

  • In case you keep the credit card, try to hide the password away from the card, in order not to facilitate the theft of your account in case it is lost.
  • Review your accounts periodically and continuously, either electronically or with the bank’s customer service, even if once a week until you are sure that there is no error or problems.
  • Make sure that the ATM is working before entering the Visa or MasterCard, and make sure that there is security in the place and the surrounding area in case of need.
  • Make sure that the computer, tablet, or mobile phone you are using is safe with an anti-virus program and free of any spyware or viruses that may steal your bank information.
  • Do not deal with unknown sites of origin, as the country should know the location in the event of a dispute or problem that can resort to the police and the judiciary in this country
  • Check the link of the page on which you will conduct a financial transaction. Make sure it starts with https and not just HTTP as the letter ‘s’ stands for ‘secured’ and means that the page and communication are secure and you can do your financial transactions and transfers on it safely.

Do not purchase products from sites that do not guarantee the return of the product, and it is preferable to choose the method of payment upon receipt rather than paying with a Master Card or other banking dealings on the Internet.

  • Beware of fake pages on Facebook and the rest of the sites. You must verify the words and letters of the link and be the site that you want to deal with and not a fake page, so you have to be careful and deal in general with credit cards. With time you will gain experience to distinguish between healthy sites and swindler sites.
  • Use your personal computer when entering the bank website and avoid using computers or internet services in public places such as Internet Cafe or Free WI-FI Connection.
  • Avoid activating the feature of saving the login information for the system by the browser and make sure to enter it whenever you want to use the system whether you are using a computer or any other devices such as a smartphone.