Small Agricultural and Animal Projects

Last updated 14 June 2020
Small Agricultural and Animal Projects

You can start any successful agricultural or animal projects, whether through training or through your hobby in agriculture, and these projects do not need a high degree of an experience only. All you need in these projects is time to get acquainted with the complexities of work. In this article, we will highlight the agricultural and animal projects that can get started right away, whether in the city or villages.

 Planting Mushrooms

Mushroom production and cultivation projects are among the most promising agricultural projects, given their ease of cultivation and production

And you do not need huge equipment and its cost is low compared to other projects, in addition to that it is considered

Of the profitable projects, 25 kilograms are produced per meter, and the duration of one course is three months

I mean, 100 kilograms are produced per square meter, and this generates huge returns for farmers who grow mushrooms. Usually, it makes 500 percent in profits. This is not known to anyone. If you are an amateur and you have a large area, you should start this project without hesitation.

 Snail Cultivation

You can start this project with very minimal costs and this project is considered one of the most profitable projects

In the winter season because it is more cultivated and developed, and this category of projects is classified as one of the best agricultural projects and returns steady income to the person, therefore it is recommended by the specialists.

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Beekeeping and Honey Production

Honey is produced by beekeeping. Usually, bees abound in lands full of flowers because they feed on flowers, and honey is produced in the spring. This project is one of the successful projects and it has a great demand, whether from Arab or European countries, and the price per kilo is usually more than 100 dollars in most countries, so it is recommended as an agricultural project.

Production of Natural Juices from Fruits

After you grow and harvest fruits, the fruits start to be transformed into juices through squeezing them with certain equipment and then empty them with bottles for natural juices and then distribute them to the market and sell them to wholesalers and retailers, and the demand for these juices exceeds more than a day, especially in the summer and demand increases You should if the juices are natural and free from preservatives or industrial because most people go to healthy drinks away from carbonated.


Anyone can begin in this cultivation, which is the cultivation of spices and their milling, and there are many types used in cooking, you need to know to grow them so that you can easily market them for a lot of use, including black pepper, thyme, curry, and other spices, all you have to grow the spices are then harvested and then ground and Then fill it with the appropriate bags for it.

  Small Home Projects


There are many projects of this type which are poultry raising, just all you need in this project is to provide equipment for poultry raising, lighting, and fodder. After breeding, the poultry will be licked and packed with a special carton in it and distributed to meat cities or the supermarket.

Raising Rabbits

You can raise rabbits in any large area, whether it is land, on the roof of the house, or in any empty place, and because rabbits, like chicken, do not need a large capital, and you can feed it from leftovers of cooking or special fodder for it, so it does not require significant costs, so I advise you to start Project for this project, and you can make a profit for you.

 Dairy Production

Initially, the project will work on establishing a farm for dairy cows and buying or importing these cows from European or local markets. After that, a dairy production plant will be established by the cows to manufacture dairy products of all kinds and products from sour milk, yogurt, obesity, and cheese of all kinds, and this will cost high costs. And a piece of huge equipment and machinery for the manufacture of this dairy, and it is considered one of the successful projects due to the great demand for it at the present time.

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