Register Your Business

Choose your business type and register your company. There is legal protection and taxes on your electronic business upon establishment, so pay attention to all the laws regarding e-commerce.

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Choose a Name for Your Online Store

Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, and preferably without numbers. It is also preferable that the store name match the domain name, as this will make it much easier to remember the website link.

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Choose Your Website Template

There are easy-to-use templates for most store builders to help them get started as quickly as possible. You can search for some sites that offer these templates through various search engines.

Get Your Business Licenses and Employer ID Number

If you are not familiar with the procedures for obtaining your electronic business licenses, you can seek the assistance of a lawyer or legal offices to complete the procedures. You must also obtain an employer ID number.

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Select your Products and Get a Barcode for Each One

Choose your products and be sure to include the different types, colors and sizes of products to make the product list more comprehensive. In order to legally sell products to customers through your online store, you will need a unique barcode for each product you sell. Barcodes can usually be easily purchased online. You can even buy large sets of barcodes at a low price through several online services.

Find a Place to Store Your Products

You can rent or buy a warehouse to store your products so that you can ship them to customers. If you do not have enough money to get a warehouse, there are many companies that can store and ship your goods upon receiving orders at a reasonable price.

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Launching the Store, Advertising, and Marketing

Once the previous steps are completed, your products will be ready for sale and your online store will be ready to go. After that, you will need to work hard to develop marketing and advertising strategies to attract customers and to get new ones.

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