If we look at the reality of international life now, we find the urgent need to establish international peace and security now more than ever. Because of the international regional conflicts, whether in the Middle East region in Palestine, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the massacres of Rwanda and the ethnic cleansing there, and the Kuwait war, there was an urgent need to unite the International work, and there was a necessity to have international organizations and international blocs that promote collective action to establish international peace between peoples. Strengthening the international relations should not only be for political matters, but should include other areas as well.

Definition of “International Organization”

An international organization is an agreement between a group of countries to undertake one or more than one matter, and discuss areas and goals common to each other. They are granted, as a result, the international legal status as an independent entity.

Public International Law

It is a set of legal rules governing international relations between countries.

According to that, international organizations are a main branch of public international law, and it is not permitted for any organization to violate these laws.

The International Regulatory System

The international regulatory system is the main organizer for any international entity, whether they were international organizations, countries, international conferences or international activities.

The international regulatory system adds the element of organization after the international community was lacking it in its previous stages.

The International Community

It is a term that encompasses all forms of international cooperation, including international organizations. The term “International Community” implies that its components include international organizations and their bodies as well as all forms of international cooperation that take the form of international alliances.