Largest Vegetable Producing Countries

Last updated 15 June 2020
Largest Vegetable Producing Countries


China is the first in the production of vegetables, and this production is very important for the Chinese, and more than 40% of the workforce is employed, as vegetable production reached 52% of the global total production, 600 million tons annually, according to the 2017 statistics.


India ranks second in the production of large quantities of vegetables, due to the fertility of its soil and the state’s interest in agriculture more than what led to China being the second largest in world production and annually produces 140 million tons, which equals 15% of global total production and most of their population depends on agriculture.

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United States

The United States ranks third in agricultural production in general and vegetables in particular, because it relies on modern methods and techniques in vegetable cultivation, as 45 million tons annually are produced, according to recent statistics, equivalent to 5% of the total vegetables in the world.


Among the most proven countries in many industries and production and played a large role in the production of large quantities of the total vegetables in the world, and now produces 35 million tons annually

That is, by 4% of world total production, and this proportion is expected to double, according to Turkish economists’ analyzes.

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Iran has a large balance in the global production of vegetables and is a source of export to neighboring countries. Vegetables are produced with high-quality technologies and annual vegetables are produced 27 million tons, equivalent to 3% of the world’s vegetable production.

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