Importance of Online Banks

Online banks were not established so long ago, but they have become some of the most widespread banks in business, and started playing an important role in online sales and purchases. They help making the process of receiving and sending money between people very simple and safe without allowing any fraud or theft attempts.

Online Banks in Egypt

There is a group of online banks that deal with Egypt, and they are considered to be some of the best online banks in the world. They are able to preserve the rights of their customers and help them receive and send money to successfully achieve their commercial goals.


This bank is considered one of the most famous online banks on which a large group of people depends to receive and send money, as it is available in all Arab countries. It is the only bank on which a real account can be made, and it is available to all people for free, the thing that allows everyone to make purchases through it. All a person needs to do is to enter the bank’s website, register and follow the instructions on the website.

The Payoneer Bank MasterCard application can be requested and is provided for free. It is shipped to you through your mail address. And once received, it will be available for you to use after 24 hours of activation.


PayPal is basically one of the most well-known online banks that is used widely in the Arab world. It is one of the well-known online banks through which many clients make their purchases and sell on the Internet. It is one of the banks that provide sufficient security and convenience. It is considered to be one of the best banks worldwide.

It makes it easy for you to pay online, and send or receive money without any worries, because its payments are done through an electronic portal that prevents theft attempts completely. It is worth mentioning that this bank is among the most reliable banks in most Arab countries, especially in the UAE and anyone can open an account on it to start enjoying e-shopping services.


Skrill is one of the best online banks which people can use to receive and send money. This bank helps you shop easily and without exposure to the risks of fraudulent practices. Its fees can be small in comparison with some other banks.


It is known that Neteller is one of the leading online banks, as it facilitates many electronic operations that help everyone to send/receive money with ease and enjoy payment services through Visa and other methods.


Payza is a Canadian bank and was known as “AlertPay”. It is also considered one of the best 5 banks that can be used by Egypt citizens, and it is very beneficial for everyone as it can be accessed via mobile phones.