What is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a silvery white metal. It is one of the most widespread minerals on Earth, accounting for more than 8% of the Earth’s basic mass. It is also the most common chemical element on the planet after both oxygen and silicon.

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Facts About Aluminum

  • Aluminum does not exist in its pure form. The metal containing aluminum must first be refined and then melted in order to get aluminum.
  • Every 4 pounds of this metal contains two pounds of “alumina”, and every two pounds of this substance give us one pound of aluminum.
  • Thanks to the modern methods used in aluminum manufacture, it is now possible to save a large amount of energy during the production process.
  • Aluminum is one of the metals that do not rust.

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Some Properties of Aluminum

  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Odorless.
  • Incombustible.

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Common Uses of Aluminum

  • It is used as a building material.
  • It is used in the transportation industry.
  • It is used to make long electric lines.
  • It is used to manufacture some devices such as TV, computer and mobile phones.