How is Aluminum Produced?

Last updated 14 July 2020
How is Aluminum Produced?

Bauxite Mining Stage

Aluminum manufacturing process begins with having amounts of bauxite, a mineral rich in aluminum. This mineral is widely found in the tropics.

Grinding Stage

The bauxite is crushed, dried and placed in mills, then a small amount of water is added to the resulting powder. This creates a thick paste which is put into containers, and heated with steam to remove the silicone.

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Processing Stage

It is inserted into sterilization tubes, and treated with soda water. This results in the formation of aluminum oxide. The mixture turns to be in the shape of red clay.

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Alumina Formation Stage

The sodium aluminate is stirred in the precipitate for several days, and this process results in the formation of alumina.

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Electric Reduction Phase

Electric currents separate aluminum from oxygen atoms. This results in the formation of the aluminum liquid.

Aluminum Alloy Forming Stage

Aluminum is cast as alloys and sent to consumers, or used in construction.

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