Largest Aluminum Producing Countries

Last updated 14 July 2020
Largest Aluminum Producing Countries


China ranks first when it comes to aluminum production, with about twenty thousand tons of aluminum annually. This is due to the fact that China has a very large number of factories and it manufactures many products whose production requires aluminum, such as cars, soda cans, and other products. The most important aluminum company in China is “Chalco”.

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Australia is one of the largest aluminum producing countries due to the presence of a large amount of raw bauxite that is rich in aluminum in the country. It is noteworthy that Australia exports good quantities of bauxite itself to other countries. Among the most important aluminum manufacturers in Australia: RioTinto.

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Russia is the third largest aluminum producer thanks to the activities of the Russian company “Rusal” in the country. This company alone produces about 6% of the global aluminum production. This company has six aluminum smelters and two alumina factories.

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Aluminum production in India exceeds the demand for it currently, this is why aluminum export rates are high. The largest aluminum producing companies in India are: Vedanta Aluminium, Hindalco Industries, and Nalco.

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Most of the aluminum production in Canada occurs in the province of Quebec, which contains eight aluminum smelters and represents 90% of Canada’s production of aluminum. The most famous aluminum companies in Canada are Alcoa and Aluminerie Alouette.

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