Make Offers in Different Seasons

You can give great discounts in some seasons or offer free products or gift cards every now and then. You can start competitions on your pages on social media and give gifts to the winners, as this will make your customers grateful for your company.

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Release and Share New Products with Your Customers Early

When testing a new product which is in its final stage before being sent to the market, try to share this product with existing customers. Upon launching the product, always make a discount for customers who participated in the product testing stage. Involving customers in the process of evaluating the product before it is put on the market and then offering them discounts makes them feel they are important to you, because you care about their opinions and test and improve your products to satisfy them.

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Surprise Your Customers with Beautiful Phrases on Occasions

On religious or special occasions, send SMS messages via mobile phone or email to congratulate customers. This would help build strong relationships with customers and make them feel like they belong to your company.

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Thank Your Customers

Show a small gratitude to your customers when you interact with them. This could be done by ending the customer service call with a phrase such as “Thank you!”, or “We hope to meet your expectations!” This makes customers feel they are people of value to the company, not just people in passing.

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Send Surveys to Get Opinions on Your Products

When you give customers an opportunity to express their opinions about your products, this makes them feel grateful, because you not only sell products, but also try to develop them by knowing the needs of your customers.

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