There are different types of horses that are characterized by strength, speed, beauty, body, hair, and originality. The origin also plays a fundamental role in producing good horses. Among the most important horses for trade are:

Andalusian Horse

Descended from species of the Spanish peninsula of Iberia, Andalusian horses are characterized by strength and hardness so they were used in wars, and were intended only for the nobility and the wealthy.

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Dalmatian Horse

This type of English breed, characterized by its polka dots, large size, strength, and vigor, was once used in exhibition parties and was rarely used on rides.

Arabian Horse

It was famous for its strength and carrying the burdens of long-distance travel, and was used in wars for its hardness, and in commercial fields, and the Arabian horses are famous for the shape of their head and their long and smooth tail, and all these characteristics make them the focus of attention of many in crossbreeding Arab horses with other horses to improve their strength, speed, and activity.

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Friesian Horse

They are of a dutch origin and this type of breed is known for its grace and liveliness, and it was anciently borne by the burdens of wars and the weight of warriors with their war gear and equipment and is characterized by its shine and silky soft hair, and it is one of the obedient horses of its breeder.

Gypsy Horses

It is characterized by its dense hair wrapped around the feet, its dotted colors, and attractive shape, in addition to its friendly nature towards humans.

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Morgan Horses

It is one of the most important types of American horses that have had many uses for purposes of trade and transport

during American Civil Wars and the colors vary between black, chestnut, white, and others

colors, and is characterized by its strength, activity, and vitality.

Turkmenistan Horses

It is characterized by its high speed, intelligence and it endures long distances and harsh conditions, so it was called the “golden horse”, in addition to being one of the most beautiful and attractive horses in the world.

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