Advantages of Investing in Barbados

  • The country provides exemptions from import fees.
  • You can benefit from the taxation treaties the country has made with some other countries.
  • The political situation is stable, and the government understands the importance of foreign investment and works to attract foreign investment.
  • There are facilitated measures to gain access to the American, Canadian and European markets.
  • There are government investment agencies that help to meet the needs of investors.
  • Free investment advisory services can also be given.
  • The customs service is efficient.
  • Low operating costs (about 40% or more can be saved).

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Procedures for Establishing the Company in Barbados

  • Choosing a company name.
  • Preparing the company’s articles of incorporation.
  • Submitting an application to register the business.
  • Paying the company registration fees.
  • Registration on income tax and value added tax.
  • Registration in the national insurance system.
  • Create a stamp for the company.

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Types of Companies in Barbados

  • Enterprise.
  • Limited liability company.
  • Company without a specific capital.
  • Mutual insurance companies.
  • Foreign company.
  • International Business Company.
  • Public Partnership.
  • Limited Partnership.
  • Exempted limited partnership.

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