The Most Important Branches of Commercial Law

Last updated 7 June 2020
The Most Important Branches of Commercial Law

Contract Law

Contract law seeks to regulate the formation and application of contracts. This law defines the essential elements of a valid contract. In case one of the parties breaches a clause in the contract, it determines and organizes how the other party should obtain his rights.

Property Law

This law regulates transactions related to property of various types. It includes the purchase, sale, transfer, rental and leasing of immovable as well as movable properties. It also includes the legal conditions for ownership, such as the identification of certain nationalities, for example, that are not entitled to purchase real estate in some countries.

  Some Excerpts from the Egyptian Commercial Law

Business Law

These laws cover a set of governmental rules and regulations related to businesses, factories, labor unions, and workers. These rules include employee hiring, advertising, business licenses, privacy and more.

Company Law

Company law deals with the formation, management and termination of companies. This law defines the legal provisions for company matters, such as election of members of the board of directors, capital increase, how to distribute profits between partners, redeem shares, and also deals with mergers and acquisitions.

Intellectual Property Law

Includes patent registration, creative work rights, designs and artwork. As the law not only protects intangible property, but also intangible (intellectual) property.

  Taxes and Tax Law

Tax Law

It determines the direct and indirect government taxes on commercial transactions. It includes basic types of taxes such as income and sales tax, capital gains and dividend taxes.

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