Reasons to Start Investing in Argentina

  • Argentina has big amounts of gas, oil and mineral resources.
  • It has a large variety of natural resources, including lands suitable for livestock and crops. It also has fisheries.
  • Argentina has strong strategic and economic ties with the neighboring countries.
  • Argentina is a member of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

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Procedures for Establishing a Company in Argentina

  • Choosing a company name and reserving it.
  • Certifying the signatures of the partners.
  • Obtaining the money transfer document from the notary.
  • Publishing the notice of incorporation in the official gazette.
  • Paying the incorporation fees.
  • Registering the company in the general register of trade.
  • Obtaining a financial number and municipality number for the company’s legal representatives.
  • Registering for VAT with the Tax Authority.
  • Completing the tax procedures.
  • Registering with the Business Risks Foundation when bringing employees to the company.
  • Obtaining a digital signature for the legal representatives.
  • Obtaining the statutory leave for employees from the Ministry of Labor via the Internet.

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Types of Companies in Argentina

  • One-person company.
  • Public Limited Company.
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Joint Stock Company.
  • Limited Partnership.

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