It receives visitors and auditors and guides them to their demands like opening new files and guiding them to visit rooms or clinic places, as well as entering and recording the correct data and speed of performance in its work, and they are also responsible for answering phones and helping callers with any information they need, and also maintaining an updated paperwork and preparing it so that all patient information is readily available to doctors and nurses, and this section is the first point of contact for arriving patients and visitors.

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Manpower Planning

It obtains the appropriate and sufficient numbers of qualified individuals to work in the appropriate jobs at the right time, with the aim of ensuring the hospital’s performance of its tasks and duties efficiently and effectively at a high level, and it constitutes a sub-system of human resources departments, with the aim of reaching a balance between supply and demand for manpower and access to efficiency in the performance of the personnel inside the hospital.

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Training Department

Helping to improve the actual performance at the individual and institutional level through developing the capabilities of employees, the training and development department provides an opportunity for employees to acquire new knowledge and develop it within their jobs by attending professional development programs, training courses, workshops, and conferences. This helps them to motivate existing employees, contribute to the development and creativity at their work, as well as attract and retain talent, this section works to align employees’ goals and performance with the hospital’s strategic goals.

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Human Resources Affairs

Hospital human resources management, which is concerned with matters of internal affairs for human resources in hospitals, and that is by providing advice to individuals in order to improve and develop performance in their business, where they become fully aware of all their rights within the organization.