Largest Cotton Producer Countries

Last updated 14 June 2020
Largest Cotton Producer Countries

The cotton product appeared in India before 1500 BC. Cotton considered one of the plants grown in the tropics and needs fertile land, which is one of the plants covered with seeds. Cotton included in many industries, the most important of which are clothes, fabrics. There are 91 countries where cotton produced through them and cotton production has reached the world have 75 million tons annually and in this article, we will arrange for you the most cotton-producing countries.


The first countries in the production of cotton, approximately 6.5 million tons are produced annually which depend on the cultivation of cotton on the monsoons and always there are conflicts between countries to reach the summit, especially India and China. India is divided into 28 states, and cotton is cultivated in most states in India, and India considered It is the original home of a cotton and produces more than 25% of the total cotton in the world.


The leading countries in cotton and China comes second in the countries in the production of cotton in large quantities and about 6 million tons annually are produced, and it is one of the countries that depend mainly on the economy as the proportion of land in China reaches 55% of the area of ​​China and there are more than a billion considered one of the important industries and it is the largest consumer of cotton.

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United States of America

America is one of the largest cotton-producing countries and uses many modern methods of cultivation, as America produces approximately 4,5 million tons annually according to 2019, and it is cultivated at very little cost, and despite the quantities produced in America, they are imported to meet their needs in industries such as clothes, fabrics and the like So, America is ranked third in cotton production.

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 One of the largest crops in Brazil, where it produces 2 million tons annually, according to the latest statistic

Brazil considered being the fourth-ranked in the production of cotton, and cotton is used as the main source of agricultural products.


Pakistan ranked fifth, and one of the largest exporting and consuming countries at the same time, producing more than one million and half a ton annually, and 1.5 million farmers depend on this agriculture as their source of income, and they usually grow more than 3 million hectares of Pakistani land.


Turkey able to develop and produce cotton in large quantities to meet its needs of spinning, weaving, and fabrics and 850 thousand tons annually are produced, therefore Turkey is one of the important countries and most countries exporting garments after China.

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Uzbekistan one of the most exporting countries to cotton and comes in seventh place in cotton production, and 750 thousand tons are produced annually. Europe imports cotton from Uzbekistan, but this industry is very poor, to exploit children through low wages.


Cotton production in Australia in large quantities may reach half a million tons annually, and Australia is ranked eighth of the production process. Cotton is produced here in modern ways and engineering, technology, and modern technologies are used.


Turkmenistan produces 200 thousand tons annually. This country is responsible for exporting cotton to Russia, Britain, and many European countries. Usually, cotton is grown in this country for export only.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso one of the largest producing countries on the continent of Africa, and it is one of the last countries in the cotton industry, and it represents 33% of the gross domestic product, and most of its population works in the field of cotton cultivation, and 160 thousand tons are produced annually.

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