Many companies struggle with social media tasks because they may take too much time. Companies need to stop wasting time on social media and use tools that can help shorten time. A wide variety of social media tools can be counted on to accomplish things.

Here is a list of tools that will lighten your social media workload and give you more time to focus on your work:

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Many people use social media to find qualified clients. But most companies do not have the time and resources to do so manually. Socedo uses technology to automate and identify customers and their engagements, and provide comprehensive reporting. This tool is very useful for ensuring that you achieve your business goals.



Every business should have a social media policy. Social media policies are created to keep companies and employees safe from legal, regulatory, and reputation management issues. SecureMySocial alerts you if people post things on social media that may violate the law, violate company internal policy guidelines, or post things against the employer’s trademark, or otherwise harm their employer. Within seconds of publishing, SecureMySocial can tell you why the post might be problematic and give instructions on how to remove the post.



This tool offers detailed reports and analytics for social media, AdWords, and Google Analytics at very affordable rates for small businesses. Instead of keeping your data in multiple places, you can allocate multiple dashboards within Cyfe and compare history in one place.



Using BuzzSumo allows you to monitor and manage many things simultaneously. This dashboard allows you to track data such as showing the most shared posts, top publishers, and content analysis.