Writing poetry

You are talented with writing poetry and you have the ability to do so. I advise you to benefit from your talent by writing eloquent or colloquial poetry, but you must have patience, creativity, and innovation at the beginning of your career in order to succeed in writing poetry, and you can then profit from poetic verses and prose.

Many of the sites that create and sell services and market and see who buys it from you, so you must be creative in your field and be unique in your writing and offering verses of poetry, for example, that you praise a country in poetry, or write poetry for a specific institution or company, or write poetry Young graduate in his graduation party from the university and many attractive ideas in the world of poetry, and in this article, we will show you how my five and independent site works until you start working immediately with them:

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Sites to Profit from Poetry


The khamsat is based on the principle of offering your projects and services to the owners of companies and institutions and then the customer puts as he has ideas and skills and then chooses the owner of the company the optimal offer for these projects, and so it happens in writing poetry with khamsat, and always they ask the owners of high ability to write poetry and then they choose the owner of the strongest and attractive offer, Therefore, you must be a professional creator in the world of poetry and be able to diversify ideas.


Mostaql is completely different from khamsat, at first you register on the site, then browse projects and works on a daily basis and see the people who submit projects related to poetry and writing, and then submit your offer as the rest of the poets, and when a project is awarded to you, you work with them immediately.

Among the works that are frequently requested in this field are the revision of the poetry of others, the writing of poetry for institutions or companies, in addition to checking the texts in terms of linguistic, spelling, and others.

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There are Other Ways to Earn Profit from Writing Poetry

Create Poetry Blog

You must create a special blog in you and write all types of poetry and then display them in the blog, preferably if the poetry is recorded in a wonderful voice and then display it on social networking sites and then display it on the blog or vice versa and write your name on this business and the special means of communication in you, in this case, Anyone can communicate with you, whether companies or individuals, to implement projects and works related to that.

Posting to Social Media

A specialized page on social media, whether Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and then display all poetic and prose works until you market your business well, and then become known among companies and customers, and you must provide new poetic content, unconventional because there are many traditional pages, and people Do not prefer him, and people usually prefer new and qualitative poetry, whether in presentation, presentation, or speech. In the beginning, you must be patient and do not be disappointed because at every beginning a difficulty.

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