The platforms that you can use, whether it is a blogger or a WordPress, and there are many, whether paid or unpaid, in addition to the presence of many special programs that distinguish their sites, and in this article, we will explain to you how to write the article with the correct foundations and steps to achieve more monthly or daily profits.


If the headline is good, the readings and views will be high, but if the opposite is the case, it means losing views and readings for your article, and the headline is a way to include the article in the first search engines, and the title must be short, attractive, and interesting, and express the content of the article.

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The introduction has a large and important part, the introduction must be written with very professionalism to attract the reader from the beginning of the article, and creative ideas must be used in the introductions, and do not make any introduction in the articles long so that the reader is not tired of reading.


Use sub-headings correctly and always try to adopt headlines based on paragraphs, even if the reader does not seem to read the entire article, only read sub-headings, and sub-headings work to attract readers.

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Try to use short paragraphs, and you must keep away from padding, extra paragraphs, and words that need not be present.

Imagine as If You Were The Reader

Write the article as if you are the reader, add everything the reader needs from information, data, statistics, and the like, and try to answer important questions for a visitor in order to be attracted to your article.


Try to provide readers with modern and exclusive pictures and add video clips, and most modern sites have come to provide visitors with high-quality images and designs prepared for the article in a specialized form.

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Article format

Your article is unique you must coordinate the article and arrange it correctly and try to avoid spelling and linguistic errors because it violates the meaning, sentences, and paragraphs and causes damage in the article, and always try to highlight the sub-titles, paragraphs and important points in attractive and comfortable eye color.

Sources and Data

You must rely on reliable sources and data, and mention the source name at the end of the article. This helps you add your article to the search engines, and visitors become confident in your sources and data, and you become trusted with them.

Summing up

Important information is presented in a brief paragraph explaining this, and its data and statistics refer to this information.


If your article starts with an attractive introduction, you should complete the article with the same degree and above. In conclusion, try to present all the deficiencies that do not exist and provide advice at the end of the article so that you are highly professional in writing articles.

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