What is Copper?

Copper is symbolized by “Cu” on the periodic table of elements. It is a reddish orange metal in its pure state. Copper was discovered about ten thousand years ago, and a copper necklace dating back to about eight thousand years BC was found in northern Iraq.

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Properties of Copper

  • Good conductor of heat and electricity.
  • Non-magnetic.
  • Formable metal.
  • Toxic to a great degree.
  • It can be combined with water and carbon dioxide to produce aqueous copper carbonate.
  • It has a luster or shine.
  • Some copper compounds are used as antibacterials or fungicides.
  • It can be used to accelerate the reaction between zinc and dilute sulfuric acid.

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Can Copper be Recycled?

Copper can be permanently recycled because it does not degrade when treated. Recycling copper scrap can reduce gas emissions, energy consumption and save natural resources, compared to the new copper production process.

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The Most Common Uses of Copper

  • Water pipes.
  • Making electrical wires.
  • Making coins
  • Making some electrical appliances.
  • Making cooking utensils.
  • Making jewelry.
  • Making ships.
  • Making door handles and some other household equipment.
  • Used for some medical purposes.