محتوى المقالة



It is a tool that allows you to quickly organize, monitor, and update your projects. Not only can it be used for free, but it also allows you to divide your projects to stages so that you can easily see the stage that each project has reached.

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Google Sheets


Most of us use spreadsheets to organize business data. This tool enables you to keep anything you want like sales records, customer lists, financial plans, data reports, and many other things. It also enables you to collaborate with other members of your company and to exchange data easily.

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To-do lists are important in many businesses and projects. Without them, you will not remember many things you need to do to reach your business goals. This tool is an application that provides you with a to-do list and helps you review your lists. It also sends reminders to carry out your tasks.

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This tool helps you track the time spent on each of your tasks. In commerce, they say “time is money”, so you need this tool to measure how long it takes for tasks or jobs to be done.

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