A businessman who has a high strength of personality and responsibility, and that he is able to issue sound and appropriate orders to people who work within his scope, his work in the institution, and how to manage things and businesses smoothly, and is not arrogant in dealing with employees of the institution, because cooperation with workers leads them to the success of the organization and profitability.


To be fully aware of all matters and works related to his work for years to come and what is going on inside the market of events, and the success of any businessman is due to his learning of all commercial aspects, from the manufacturing stage to the decisions of the boards of directors of major companies, and the successful businessman should study his competitors in the work in a way Detailed and gather sufficient information about them, follow up on clients, in addition to constantly developing ADA and quality of work.

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They have the courage to make decisions and resolve them, so as not to be exposed to technical risks, in addition to that, willpower, and the best example of courage, American businessman Steve Jobs, founder of technology giant Apple.


It gives customers who intend to invest in your own project a sense of your success, satisfaction, and reassurance from you, and this helps you to develop all your business matters from all sides because you prefer this work and feel a passion for this project, among the most important ways of success is your love for the work itself, the element of passion inside you may be important In order to make you trust in your potential, and also you can do everything useful to support your business.

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General Look

The general appearance of a businessman is essential to success, so you should choose the right clothes for each business meeting, and according to the people, you will meet and depending on where you meet.


By employing a group of young people who have a high ability to persuade, and sending them to various places and countries in order to market and promote the product in a beautiful manner, then many know the institution and the nature of its activity and its work, and this is a kind of advertising and publicity, and then increases the success of the businessman.

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The introduction of appropriate technology to your managed organization has become everything that needs technology because it works to facilitate transactions, correspondence, and everything.

Work Love

In order for the businessman to reach success, excellence, and excellence, to work to develop the work continuously and permanently, ambition is a psychological factor that encourages and motivates the success of businessmen, in addition to leading them to dominate the market.

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Good Disposition for Spending Money

Avoid mixing the company’s money with personal money in order to ensure the development of the institution and increase the financial return, while moving away from huge loans and so on is one of the basic matters in the success of the businessman and then the success of the institution and increase profits.


To be smart and intelligent is one of the attributes that God has bestowed upon creation, but human beings are not equal in level of intelligence and promptness of intuition, therefore the businessman must develop his intelligence and his speed of response through intensive training courses.

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Managing Things

By knowing the objective of the project, its expenses, profits, and risks, by studying integrated economic feasibility and reducing expenditures as much as possible and at the same time maintaining the quality and efficiency of work

Endurance and Patience

Maintaining his steadfastness in adversity and dangers, overcoming mental effort and physical exhaustion until he reaches safety, to work with high wisdom, and to take this wisdom always in his work “Do not postpone the work of today until tomorrow”, and respect time and punctuality.

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The business owner must have a clear mind, high concentration, and a good and good memory, and this trait is considered one of the most important qualities that successful businessmen must-have.


When he works as an employee for others, but when he must start his own work, he must necessarily have available money or a fixed source of funding in order to finance his project. If there are no funds and the project is started with wishes and expectations, he will fail at its beginning and before it is established.

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