Paysera is one of the banks that support most of the world “worldwide” and is very lenient with customers, especially countries outside the European Union, and it is characterized by reasonable prices and is almost the best in electronic banks and in this article, we will talk about new updates concerning Paysera Bank.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

The information is the basis of registration in banks. As for false and false information that may lead to closing your account and prohibiting you permanently, you must enter the correct information only and not, as some say, enter any information that does not matter. Update it to all people who previously filled out the information, and this time it takes 1-5 days to be reviewed, because it has become reviewed with high accuracy and may be requested after the necessary official documents, as previously mentioned false information may lead to your ban permanently, for example, if you were unemployed or More precisely, you do not have a commercial record, so do not write that you are a worker and vice versa, because sooner or later the information you entered will be referenced, they will ask you for some documents and you will find yourself in a big problem.

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 Account Limits

Paysera lifts the ban on default limits estimated at 900 Euros per month. All you have to do is complete the fourth level, which is to request a Skype video call, after which you can set any limits you want from your choice until it reaches 100,000 Euros per day without any problems, but unfortunately, this thing will change Soon, the limits of the account will become a little difficult, for example You want to raise the limits at a turnover of 60,000 Euros per month. In this case, they will ask you for documents proving the source of the funds that will enter the account and exit from it and the reason for these transfers, the nature of your work and the goal of this is whether to whitewash the money, or what, to be The separation of the personal and commercial account because the personal account reaches its monthly transactions of 50,000 euros, for example, and this does not make sense to be a personal account.

Bank Transfers

 Especially transfers that do not have the same name as the owner of the account, that is, they are from another person in a different name, relative or friend, for example, meaning that a bank transfer in a rather large amount will ask you for documents that explain the reason for the transfer as well as the “source of funds” and will write a compelling reason for sending As well as a document proving it to be prepared in advance.

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Reason for Sending

Paysera operations are monitored by the central bank that granted the license to operate and the reason for sending is a very important thing and in the future, they will ask you for a document proving some of the transfers that you made so when you send or receive you always write a convincing reason and you can prove it in the future and you can also provide documents about it and the goal One is to prevent “money laundering” and to know that the worst bank department you may deal with is the AML division.

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Paysera is strictly prohibited from dealing in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT) either directly or indirectly, and any dealings or doubts from the bank that you are dealing with will lead to a ban on your account permanently and in some times you will receive a warning if it is your first time which is one and last warning, and there is a note Important about cryptocurrencies and Paysera when you enter information in KYC and find in the source of wealth icon option that cryptocurrencies exist. This does not mean that the bank has become dealing with it as everyone will think, because there is a difference between the source of wealth and dealing with it.

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