Visual Expression

Through the use of designers, whether they are freelance or employees and the visual expression is represented in several types, including designing the brand logo or business cards and publishing templates for social networking sites and this component is considered components of the important elements because it reminds the customer of the brand when he sees it either on social media sites Football advertising or the like, such as The Coca-Cola Company, and the company must contract with a professional designer to show the spirit of the aesthetic identity and direction of the brand.

Suitable Value

You must choose the appropriate value for your brand and through the value, it determines your customers and their needs and the target group of them and this value works for the spread and better success of the brand and example shoes must be comfortable and good for walking and designed with a high degree of accuracy so that the value is encouraging for people to buy and must take into consideration of motivation, inspiration and customer attraction through value.

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 Benefits that Customers Buy from You

The benefits that customers buy from you are therefore considered an integral part of the components of the brand. Usually, these benefits appear with identity and advertisements, for example, when you advise your neighbor to buy something from a restaurant, you advise him to buy the product for its benefits such as a sophisticated restaurant, good and pleasant dealing with customers.

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Words that are Used in Commercials

The tone is words that are used in commercial advertisements or company promotional videos This tone should be appropriate to the brand, for example, to promote a youth brand, the tone should be youthful, the words of the strong, and the use of the rough sense of masculinity, either if the brand is for restaurants, you should use the gentle, light, and soft tone of your customers and in addition to that you must adhere to the tone or Diversification in it but to the same degree unchanged.

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