Mixed Economic System

It combines the features of several economic systems, i.e. the characteristics of two or more systems, and no specific features have been defined within it that make it a specific economic system in its original characteristics, whether in its theoretical or practical aspects, or both, and in the form that is considered a mixed economic system, which is It is a mixture of multiple features of different systems and has no logical foundations or philosophical frameworks, and it has no reference or ideological origins from which it draws some decisions and issues related to some matters such as production, consumption, distribution, and others.

Advantages of a Mixed Economic System

The Compatibility between Public and Private Interests

By dividing roles between government and private agencies, both those who carry out their economic activities within the limits of capacity, and taking into account the goals that they seek to achieve.

Control of the Private Sector

This leads to quality assurance and the achievement of the common interest between the private and public sector, in addition to controlling economic activities.

Labor Protection

Protection of the category of workers from exploitation of all kinds and forms, and works to preserve their rights, and ensure their financial future after retirement through insurance and social security

Producer Protection

Protecting all producers, caring for the price system, the market system, public security, and others, providing complete freedom for consumers by providing the appropriate products for it, in addition to providing aid to it

Disadvantages of the Mixed Economic System

There are no Clear Limits to Work

The difficulty of setting clear lines and borders separating the roles of government agencies and their economic activities, and the role of the sector and private entities and their activities

The Lack of Proportion between the Government and the Private Sector

Through its projects, government activities through public projects to ensure that the other does not control and impede its work, which leads to internal disputes and conflicts between government and private agencies.

Difficulty in Accessing Procedures and Methods

Inability to access methods and procedures to achieve cooperation and coordination and cancel all conflicts between private and government agencies for work and the difficulty of achieving justice with income in light of the economy in which private agencies work to achieve the highest income for the owners of these projects with the lowest costs.

Difficulty in Determining Trends in the Development of the Economy

The absence of an important role for private projects in which development is not its primary goal in work, and the presence of the important role of the government, which is one of its alphabets at work, this difference in objectives has an important role in not identifying trends and economic developments