Ethanol is considered one of the main products that are used in chemical industries. This alcohol is one of the raw materials that are made for many purposes, and is used in motor fuel production.

The Medical Alcohol Factory Project

In the beginning, it needs several basic things to work, including the capital, raw material, and labor. After that, the project can be started easily at any time. This project is one of the profitable projects that make you get a lot of money but in the case of implementing the project in the right way.

Some equipment is required like a storage tank, a mixing tank, a large boiler, a distillation apparatus, the necessary raw materials for ammonium phosphate, yeast extract, operating water, sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, and some purposes must be met.

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The Area Required for a Medical Alcohol Factory

Its area must not be less than 200 m2 and 6.5 meters high. The factory must be covered completely and equipped with a set of ventilation devices. This project can have at least 13 workers.

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Preventive Actions That Must Be Carried Out While Working on the Project Within These Conditions

  • Excellent location, away from residential areas, for project implementation
  • Use of protective masks while working on this project.
  • A system for ventilation works.
  • Cleanliness of the place and the sterilization process must be carried out before performing the mission to maintain the health of all.

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