The difference is in all products and commodities, and not everyone can find agreement on one type and in this article, we will look at the best types of biscuits in the world, including:

Cadbury Fingers Biscuit

One of the best varieties, Cadbury fingers biscuit has been produced since 1951, with a very wonderful taste, and contains a layer of chocolate, and because it is a distinctive and wonderful taste, it cannot be satisfied with one piece.

Club Biscuit

More than one flavor and one of the most famous flavors is the honey flavor that was launched in 2012, and there are many flavors, including chocolate flavor, and this taste prefers children in school meals and trips.

Rich Tea Biscuit

Served to the finest classes in the world, this biscuit eats and dips with hot tea until you enjoy the wonderful and distinctive taste, and also you can serve it as a light breakfast.

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Macaron Biscuit

Of the famous and distinctive French flavors, which is of a fragile type, made of eggs, granulated sugar, and ground almonds with distinctive colors?

Digestive Biscuit

1839 by Scottish doctors and his idea at the beginning was to help digest its ingredients and is now used as a base for cake and especially for cheesecake and its types.

Party Ring Biscuit

The production of this biscuit in a circular shape and in the sizes and sizes of rings was manufactured by Fox Biscuit Company in 1983 and is characterized by its wonderful purity and colorful rings, making it one of the best types for parties and birthdays.

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Cookies Biscuit

Of the most popular species in the world, and is known for its great taste, which contains chocolate and raisins.

Malt Biscuit

It is distinguished by its delicious taste and its ingredients. Milk and barley. It is distinguished while dipping it with cold milk. It is one of the best thin biscuits in the world.

Kit Kat Biscuit

It is one of the best types in the world and it has a distinguished and high marketing rank. It is distinguished by the chocolate-covered biscuit chips, which makes it very tasty.

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Nice Biscuit

 And its taste is very great because it contains coconut, with sugar crystals covering the outer layer of the biscuit.

Oreo Cookies

In Chelsea in 1912, he became famous internationally and was the beginning of his fame in the United States of America, and special spoons of biscuits were provided for dipping milk.

Chocolate Digestive Biscuit

 Made by McVitie in 1925, which is unique because it contains a layer of chocolate covering the great taste of the original biscuit, and this biscuit was famous in 2009 as the best biscuit in the country.

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Digest Caramel Biscuit

Caramel Flavor is famous for its Caramel and Pistachio Flavor, which is one of the distinct flavors produced by McVitie.

Shortbread Biscuit

This biscuit is one of the best types in the world, and it is composed of three main varieties, including flour, butter, and sugar, and is distinguished by this biscuit has been baked with a wonderful recipe that made it distinct from other biscuits, and you can try it.

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