PayPal Bank

It is an electronic bank that provides financial services to facilitate the process of trading funds through the Internet without having to share private financial data. PayPal is a secure electronic financial platform, this platform helps you by linking your bank account or bank card to it. The process of opening the account is free, through this account you can shop through the Internet as you wish, and you can receive and send money to and from other users who have PayPal accounts all over the world.

Online Services Provided by PayPal

  • The ability to purchase from thousands of websites online that accept PayPal payments. There are even very popular sites that only accept PayPal as the popular eBay website.
  • PayPal protects your credit card data and prevents it from being compromised by hackers, so you can transact online safely.
  • You can receive and send money to and from other users who have PayPal accounts all over the world.

Payza Bank

Payza Bank is one of the famous banks and it is well-known in European countries and the Arab world as well. Registration is 100% free and it has a security system and you can also activate the account easily and in the fastest time. It also provides customer service for technical support 24 hours a day, and you can keep the money and exchange currencies in all currencies to the world. Its services cover all countries. It enables customers to keep money in several different currencies and not just one or two currencies and works to provide a tight system for protection and safety. The maximum receipt is 2000 dollars annually.

Skrill Bank

It is an English bank that was established in 2001 and the number of users of a bank is more than a million diversified users for all countries of the world due to the ease of sending and receiving money through it without any obstacles and with super speed in transferring money. It also offers high protection for customer accounts from hacking and theft.

Neteller Bank

It is an electronic bank and it is considered one of the banks that have a wide history in the world of electronic banking and is characterized by the lack of problems with users. It is a British bank, and it is considered one of the best and largest electronic banks at all, as it imposes restrictions and high and strict security precautions that are difficult to breach. The bank will close any account, whatever it is if any suspicious movement or business is found on the account until the account holder himself calls the bank team so that they can solve the problem.

WebMoney Bank

It is a Russian bank through which you can make a lot of transactions and it is more like a PayPal site but it is a bit different as it contains distinguished services, especially for countries that cannot benefit from Visa or MasterCards.

Payoneer Bank

It is a famous American bank that you can use in any country to open an account on it and get a prepaid card that is even delivered to your home without any charges. You can use the card to carry out withdrawals through an automated teller machine (ATM) or purchase from shops or online with any store that allows MasterCard cards.