In this article, we will learn the most important skills required of you as a freelancer, you must master them to be able to apply for these works on freelance sites.

Programming and Development Language

As a freelancer working in the field of self-employment, you must learn all the programming languages ​​to be able to submit your works on time and to the fullest and necessary level. Learn the basics of programming if you are a beginner.

Web Design

Specialization in designing web pages has become one of the most requested works currently, especially with the development of business mechanisms on the Internet and social networking sites. You must as a beginner or professional freelance master the design of static and dynamic electronic pages in various languages ​​of programming sites (server-side) such as PHP and ASP.NET and work on Manage and set up site servers in terms of managing and installing different operating systems, building accounts, databases, file transfer protocols, managing and protecting folders, and knowing the commands that perform most of these operations. Also installing web server programs such as Apache and IIS and recognizing Html is a language that allows browsers to read and view files as you see them now. As for CSS, it is the part that relates to the design, fonts, margins, lists of pages, and JavaScript used to create more interactive pages for websites.

Graphic Design

You must familiarize yourself with the basics of design and the rules of graphics to be able to design billboards and graphics, amend images and photos, and learning graphic and design programs will not take much time with you. You can learn it through YouTube channels.

And of course, you should be a professional in these programs in case you want to specialize as a freelance graphic designer or graphic designer.

Time Management

Time management aims not only to accomplish tasks, but also to arrange them according to priority, and implement them according to this priority in the first place, therefore time management is a very important task because a person finds in front of him a large number of tasks in most of the time. The lesson here is to divide them and put them in a timetable.

Reports Preparation

As an independent and working in the field of self-employment, you must learn the skill of writing reports and how to prepare them in the correct and orderly manner. The skill of preparing reports is one of the necessary tasks. You can provide a summary of your monthly or daily work according to what is required of you as an independent. If the report prepared by you is good and of a highly designed quality, of course, it will contribute to accepting your application with self-employed business.

Working with the Team

You as an independent person need to learn the skill of working with the team because one day, you will work with a team. You must learn how to listen to them and accept their ideas and opinions.

E-marketing and Management of Social Media Pages

Electronic or digital marketing is an important and necessary skill that helps to bring you new customers, remote business and build the basic base for you. You must learn the basics of electronic marketing and how to deal with search engines and social networks, and learn SEO so that you can bring to your site new visitors through search engines.


Many freelance sites search for professional voices or audio commentators to create audiovisual content or comment on videos whether for companies, products, or wedding parties. The market has witnessed business over the demand for this skill, and from this standpoint, you must learn it as an independent to earn abundant and large profits.

Video Editing

Many YouTube channels and websites need freelancers to edit their videos. You should start learning how to edit videos.

Blogging and Writing

Blogging and writing in recent times has become one of the freest businesses, especially for owners of websites, magazines, and electronic newspapers.