If you are a fan of photography, whether through the mobile phone or camera and you are professional in photographing natural, birds, trees, sea waves, sky and the like, you should get to know the most important sites that sell and buy pictures with high amounts of money and from this standpoint, we will show you an article on the most important specialized sites in buying and selling photos.


Its prices are very high and the account is created on the site for free. And the user can put his pictures on it and they will be exposed to millions of subscribers who can choose from them.


IStock site is one of the giant websites in the field of selling pictures. It belongs to the giant agency GettyImages. Millions of photographers and designers participate on the site and you can register and upload your photos on it.


It is one of the global sites for selling pictures, and there are millions of pictures on it for sale. It is also a popular place for designers.


500PX is one of the largest photo-sharing sites in the world. You can create a free account on the site and upload photos to share, and you can view the pictures for sale on the site through the store. Getty images recently purchased the site.


It is considered one of the popular sites for making money by selling pictures and it is classified among the good sites in this field and many users and photographers deal with it daily for its high degree of credibility.


It is considered one of the favorite sites for photographers in the field of making profits by selling pictures, and it is considered one of the very old sites and the number of visitors daily is more than twice that it was before and it is a huge electronic market for buying and selling photos through the web.

Tips for Selling Photos

  • It is preferable to leave blank background areas.
  • Avoid duplicate images as they reduce sale percentages.
  • Make sure there are enough keywords to show pictures in the search engine for clients.