Social media and the internet allows you to search for many large and large businesses through which you can communicate with companies and institutions to work with ease and speed, and to allow you to share all the details about yourself and your professional history and to help you show all your skills to HR personnel in various companies, we offer you tips to help you secure an opportunity work through social media.

Tips for securing a job opportunity through social media:

  • Make sure that your social media accounts are free of inappropriate photos and posts, which you will not like for the company you submit to work with and remember that it is easy for the company you provide them to find anything on the Internet easily.
  • Comment and use tags or other means of interaction, but for a clear reason and not randomly
  • Be innovative in your ways of communicating and interacting so that they can be easily remembered.
  • Remember that biography and personal presentation letters are a type of storytelling. Use social media to tell your story with words, pictures, and creative elements.
  • Choose sites to carefully promote yourself and what are the best channels to show off your skills and goals.
  • Consider establishing professional accounts, other than those you use for personal purposes, to communicate with family and friends.
  • Remember that success on social networking sites requires patience and hard work for some time, to obtain tangible results.
  • Read about the employees and decision-makers in your favorite companies and try to follow them and communicate with them.
  • Be patient while you establish your knowledge network and work to strengthen it.
  • Make sure that your posting periods are not spaced, and always update your information.