When you hear these sayings, I fully believe that their owner is a failed manager of his organization, and in this article, we have gathered for you the most important statements of the failed manager, we will get to know them together.

This is not my fault

This saying is from the words of the failed manager, who does not bear the responsibility for the mistakes that fall on him from his actions and the actions of his team working with him, and always blames the others when the error occurs on him.

I will do all the work on my own

The individual role is one of the characteristics of a failed manager, as teamwork leads the organization to success

In this case, there is no suitable person in the right place because the manager is the one who does the work alone, and this saying is repeated from the owners of failed managers.

Failure is not an option

If the manager says failure is not an option, then this manager is considered a failure because it limits the ability of staff members to be creative, develop, and grow with the organization.

This is not our way of working

This manager relies on only one method of work and this largely indicates that the manager is failing to define the methods for a job.

I want results and I do not care about relationships

When you hear this saying from a manager who is completely certain that the manager is a failure because relationships are the basis for all results and success and through relationships, you can form a good reputation among others.

Execute this business and do not ask about the means, whether it is ethical, immoral, legal, or illegal only. Execute from the attributes of the failed manager that he does not care about the means by which it is implemented, whether immoral or illegal only. Correct business on the right basis.

I don’t want to know negative news

This failed manager only needs positive news and this indicates that he is unable to face the negative news and problems in order to solve them quickly so as not to exacerbate the problems and become external problems.

Lucky to work for us

This saying is one of the negative statements broadcast by the failed manager of his employees and reduces morale

The creativity they have, and it is like it provides a favor to employees, and it is better to say this saying (We are lucky to be among you)

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