Learn with us about Ruja Ignatova, a woman who occupied the world with her knowledge, experience, and investment in inventing a cryptocurrency and promoting and marketing her in the best ways and methods that were aimed at competing with Bitcoin, and convinced them to invest billions in it to take billions of investors and disappear after a large fraud and fraud.

Who is Ruja Ignatova and how did she occupy the world in her digital currency?

Ruja Ignatova is Bulgarian in origin and is a German citizen. She travels to the countries of the world and persuades people to invest in ONE COIN coin. She graduated from Oxford University and holds a Ph.D. from Konstanz University in Germany. She worked for the McKinsey International Company and appeared in a conference organized by Iconix and in the VOPS magazine The genius of Ignatova was that she took all this and was able to sell it to the masses, and indeed people began to invest their savings in ONE COIN, all over the world.

And that between 2014 and 2017, $ 4.5 billion was invested in ONE COIN from all over the world and some estimates and possibilities say the amounts have reached $ 16.5 billion, collected from a million people in 175 countries around the world, and many are wealthy who paid those The sums were also collected from extremely poor cities, in Africa and the Middle East, where citizens sold their livestock, land, and homes, to invest in ONE COIN.

Dr. Ruja Ignatova has been traveling to several countries to spread One Coin to new investors, and One Coin has become rapidly growing and at this time Dr. Ignatova started buying real estate and palaces in millions of dollars, in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, and holds concerts on her luxury yacht in the Black Sea in In 2017 there was a big party in Lisbon, Portugal, and the doctor was supposed to come and give a speech about ONE COIN, but she did not attend the party and suddenly Dr. Ruja Ignatova completely disappeared from the scene with the investments, but some believed that she might have been exposed to Killing, kidnapping or incarceration because they feared a great revolution and loss of ONE COIN cryptocurrency.

Then Ruja Ignatova’s brother was arrested in March 2019 at Los Angeles Airport in America who was running ONE COIN after his sister’s disappearance and he admitted that they committed fraud and money laundering, and it was one of the largest financial frauds in the world, with the amount of money raised, and the murders that It happened after knowing the truth.

She managed to disappear with the billions of dollars collected from all the countries of the world, and the most important question remains: Where is Dr. Ignatova?

Earlier this year, the FBI revealed that it had traveled from Sofia to Athens, Greece on October 25, 2017. It is its last official trip recorded, and since then no one knows where it went after and there are rumors that it has passports Russian and Ukrainian, as it was also said that there are strong people who protect her in her native country, Bulgaria and that she can be hidden in full view of everyone through cosmetic surgery that makes her unknown, and others said that she might be in London, and finally some went to the possibility of her death, the matter Who is nothing more than a possibility.

According to the latest information that was revealed, some people promote ONE COIN in Arab countries, taking advantage of the ignorance and lack of knowledge of people that they do not know what happened around them in the world.