One of the difficult tasks in the selection process, because it is the basis of the whole commercial business, and on it are built many things with the work and if you make a mistake in the beginning this error pursues you to the end of your work then you must be from the beginning working on the correct foundations based on specific criteria until you reach a sign that satisfies you and satisfies all Your customers.

Definition of the Brand

It is a picture, design, sign, or the like, that takes different and distinct forms in order to distinguish the Foundation’s products from other products in the local or global market, and these products can be tangible commodities such as clothes, food, and intangible goods such as tourism, travel, hotels, and the like.

Brand Components

Visual Expression

This element is through the use of designers, whether they are freelance or employees, and the visual expression is represented in several types, including the design of the brand logo or business cards and publishing templates for social networking sites. Football advertising or the like, such as The Coca-Cola Company, and the company must contract a professional designer to demonstrate the spirit of the aesthetic identity and direction of the brand.

The Value

Through the value, it determines your customers, their needs, and the target group for them and this value works on the spread and better success of the brand. For example, shoes must be comfortable and good for walking and designed with a high degree of accuracy so that the value is encouraging people to buy and must take into account the motivation, inspiration and attraction of customers through the value.


Determine the benefits that customers buy from you, and therefore it is considered an integral part of the components of the brand. Usually, these benefits appear with identity and advertisements, for example, when you advise your neighbor to buy something from a restaurant, you advise him to buy the product for his benefits, for example low-fat, classy restaurant, good and pleasant dealing with customers.

 Words that are Used in Commercials

The words that are used in commercial advertisements or promotional videos for a company and this tone should be appropriate for the brand, for example, to promote a brand for young people. The tone should be youthful, the words of the strong and the use of the coarse sense of masculinity, either if the brand is for restaurants

You should use the gentle, light and soft tone of your customers, in addition to that you must adhere to the tone or diversify it, but to the same degree without change.

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Types of Brands

Make Tag

It is the mark that the company places on the products that are produced so that it is recognized by customers and consumers and with the passage of time and days this mark becomes evidence of products and goods.

This mark is placed by the manufacturer or company to distinguish its services and products from other products offered on the market.


It is the mark that is used by the merchant to distinguish the products that he buys by wholesalers or from the factory directly, this mark indicates the source of the sale and sometimes the brand is added with the mark of manufacture and at times it replaces the mark of manufacture as well and in this case the brand is lost Its role and only shows the mark of manufacture.

The Service

That the service owner uses to signify his service in the market and appear in it and this mark is completely different from the marks of manufacture and trade and this mark is intangible like commercial banks and insurance companies and travel and tourism and restaurants and hotels and apartments and this logo or mark is used in financial bills or reservations or correspondence papers and envelopes or Work wear, company cars, or the like.

 Collective Certification

Which are determined by specific criteria, but they are not restricted by any membership and any person may benefit from them if the criteria are in conformity with his products and the feature that is available in this mark. Any person may benefit from it if he complies with the criteria set by the owner of the mark and one of the conditions required in collective certification marks is that the body Those applying for registration are eligible to certify the products in question for example

“The Wool mark symbol is a registered and certified trademark for collective certification purposes and confirms that the product is of high quality and made with 100% quality wool. This symbol is registered by 140 countries and licensed to be used by factories capable of complying with the mentioned quality standards.”

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Brand Features

 Know your Product

The company logo is very important and it is the most important element of the brand and is considered the face of the company in all fields, so if the company logo is simple, its idea will reach the customer quickly without thinking about the logo.

This makes it easier for customers to identify products easily and easily through the simplicity of the logo on the product, for example, the letter M means the McDonald’s restaurant chain, and through this red-letter, you can know all the products of McDonald’s restaurants quickly and easily only through a letter.

 It Works to Establish Trust Between Customers and the Company

 Clients turn to companies and products that give them comfort and a feeling of safety, for example, always the family loves the good of its children and guarantees them good health and so the strong brand guarantees to its customers the products and goods that cause them safety when buying and this trust needs high-quality marketing campaigns and should highlight Customer attitudes and needs so that the customer is trusted by your brand.

Inspire Employees to Work and Accomplish

Working in a brand with a strong reputation, this makes employees accomplish their work and makes them more professional and enjoyable with their job as well as working with a strong brand makes employees proud of this brand and this means carrying the company logo and belonging to it with all pride so companies work on the correct construction of the mark because it is the axis The main of the company and its great importance to customers and employees.

 To Attract New People

A successful brand helps to speed the process of spreading these products and this means leaving a good and beautiful impact for potential customers and these customers will become dealing with you in a high spirit in broadcasting positive and beautiful opinions about your product and your brand, and after that, this customer trusts this brand when it becomes rooted in his imagination and is the kind of importance It will be the best advertising for the company.

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