Staff Problems (Remote Work)

The International Labor Organization says that employees work outside their offices increase the productivity of their work, and are subject to long working hours, as remote work causes social problems, the pressure at work, delayed entitlements and other problems, and in this article, we will talk about the most important problems that remote employees are exposed to.

Working in Informal Times

They are more productive at work. It is difficult to stop working at home, and if you work for yourself, this forces you to work all day and causes you to feel tired, and you can solve this problem by assigning deadlines on your own calendar at the end of the day to get yourself out of your home office.

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Boycott of Friends and Family

If you work at home in the field of translation, friends and family may come to you to translate a book or article, and if you do not accomplish it for them, they will interrupt you because you did not translate for them, and the solution to this problem is by clarifying to them that you cannot always have time for them. You must allocate time for work and time for your family and friends, and if they ask for a favor, just try to postpone it to a later time outside the official working hours.

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Isolating Work from Household Chores

If you are married, you will find yourself responsible for a lot of household  chores, including buying household needs, washing dishes, and preparing food. Although they are important, they are still considered an obstacle to work, and it is a waste of time during work because your presence at home is a basis for work, not for doing chores, the solution is to let your family understand the nature of your work and create conditions for that so that you do not encounter more problems, or you can define the tasks of each individual at home.

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Lack of Development

Some people spend most of their time on work and projects, without giving time to develop their skills and learn new things. You must prepare yourself for development, learning, and creativity in your field of work. This helps to develop your profession and reach your professional goals.

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