A group of electronic platforms that work on collective and participatory financing in the world, which is concerned with the initiatives, projects, and programs proposed by organizations, companies and community institutions, and in this article we will summarize them these electronic platforms that finance community institutions and projects:

Action Button Platform

It is a platform for publishers who publish research papers and written content, as this platform includes an interface that contains a “donate” button in addition to the Twitter, Call and Pledge buttons located directly within the popular articles published by users of the platform, which contributes to the process of promoting and obtaining support directly.

Platform website: actionbutton.org

Bots for Charity

The Bots for Charity program allows non-profit organizations around the world to set up a funding page for charitable projects and can be easily linked to a “donate” page on the organization’s website. The platform also supports non-profit organizations based on the ManyChat system to access a pro account to create financing pages for charitable causes.

Platform website: botsforcharity.com

Give Track

Established by BitGive Foundation, GiveTrack is a fundraising platform exclusively for Bitcoin donors, powered by Blockchain technology and thus enables donors to track their donation from Bitcoin Currently, the GiveTrack feature is only available to non-profit organizations in the U.S.

Platform website: givetrack.org


Givingloop focuses on providing institutional support, facilitating the monthly donation process, and provides tools that help keep donors to nonprofits. Most of the nonprofits around the world do not have access to monthly giving programs, so Givingloop fulfills the need that is difficult for international fundraising platforms to provide.

Platform website: givingloop.org

Rally Up

It is a new way to raise funds in 2023 as RallyUp allows nonprofits to easily prepare raffles, sweepstakes, and auctions online. The application provides organizations with modern promotional methods such as e-tickets, thanksgiving messages, and many promotional tools that can be customized by non-profit organizations.

Platform website: rallyup.com


Millions of Twitch members meet daily to chat and chat about their common interests and most of their leaders are gamers and fundraisers for their favorite nonprofits that make a convincing and more influential offering. Nonprofits can take advantage of this huge gathering by subscribing to Twitch’s fundraising tool via one of the following channels like Tiltify, Funraise, and DonorDrive.

Platform website: twitch.tv