There are a lot of sites that you can get through the Internet and get many profits through it, and as you spend a lot of free time on the Internet, some of them use their time to earn profits through Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or the like, or produce and display various videos and others. We will show you the most important means by which you can earn profits and money.

Browsing and Searching

It is a new system for Microsoft rewards from registering through BING Reward, and then begins the stage of research and browsing against points awarded by Microsoft to you for each research point, and then after that these points are collected and replaced with a financial value for levels and sometimes reach from 5 to 25 dollars and sometimes up to 100 dollars For professional and creative people, you can buy from any website such as Amazon, buy paid games or withdraw them through the ATM. This is the easiest way for you to reap huge profits.

Email or Mail Decoy

Through companies to analyze and make statistics of some factors related to electronic marketing or the like and one of the most important centers SBK, and you can communicate with these companies and make sure of their sincerity through collaborators with them so once your profile is filled with them then you can participate in the study of research and reports The market they demand and the company gives you profits by doing this.

Demographic Survey Applications

This is done by violating privacy and using it for marketing plans, advertising, as well as electoral advertisements. This application is activated through you and for a financial fee and research is used to benefit from companies that provide different products to their customers and get information and research for them and in return for these applications, they get 50 to 100 dollars annually due to use It is licensed and legal by Google although it is immoral and violates the privacy of the person and users in general.

Opinion Polls

Usually, companies do a lot of marketing research to get to know customer opinions and approximate the distance between customers and companies. Google and companies specialized in granting companies and researchers work to collect opinion polls through Google Server sites to find out their opinions, for all that a sum of money, whether it is from 10 to 100 dollars and according to quantities the poll available to you and the foundations made on it, whether age, marital status, etc.

You as a person can spend time on the internet and browsing sites but with material benefit by reaping profits.

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