E-commerce marketers have four primary goals. First, they must bring new visitors to their store. Then convert more of these visitors into clients. Then they should consider ways to increase the average earned revenue. Finally, they must create incentives for these customers to return to make more future purchases.

 :To Achieve These Goals, Many Errors Must Be Avoided

Do not display the number of items and products in the online shopping cart

Today, customers enter electronic stores using various electronic devices such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. But every time they return to your website on a different device, the store thinks that they are “new visitors”, although they are not.

These visitors tend to click on the e-cart once they enter the site and expect to complete their purchase that they started on another device, and the cart will be empty. In such circumstances, it is important to inform the visitor that you do not have the necessary information about him to synchronize his devices and link them together.

No way to filter by price

Most e-commerce stores allow visitors to sort their listings by price. This helps them narrow the lists so that only the products that are right for the customer appear. One of the mistakes many stores make is the inability to filter and show products by price.

 By doing this, the store restricts customers’ ability to make satisfactory purchase decisions. This is fixed by allowing customers to filter product lists based on product attributes, then allowing filtered product lists to be ordered by price. This way, the customer can get the product he wants within the desired budget range.