There is no indispensable in all cities because it is one of the basic businesses that provide income for many young people besides it is a basic economic work that helps to provide the state and export it to the top among other countries, especially if the products for work are not manufactured only in their country There are resources for it only in the country of establishment. On the other hand, medium-sized projects are among the businesses that provide excellent income to their owners, as their monthly profits are much more than they imagine, and this is in contrast to many advantages and autonomous actions that are in those industrial projects besides freedom to make decisions. And work in this field on your own and you are the only one who is the ruler and responsible for the work, for this, you can carry out medium industrial projects in Egypt with ease. A group of different ideas:

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 Mobile Accessories

Simple and easy things to do, it is a business that includes chargers, cases, and chargers

And many other things, they are made with very simple components and can be provided easily. Games are mostly simple things, but they are very expensive. They need a few things in order to manufacture them, and this does not need a lot of possibilities, but a set of fabric residues that are found in garment factories and a little plastic and metal must be provided and after they are easily manufactured. You can search for various videos on YouTube that are related to the games industry. They are available and make it easy for you to make games. This is one of the medium industrial projects that can be implemented in Egypt and exported abroad.

Furniture Industry

It is the manufacture of all the pieces of wooden furniture, etc. It needs a basic material, which is wood, a cutting machine, and simple things that help in making the most luxurious and best things required in homes, offices, and villas, and it can be sold at a headquarters or via the Internet.

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 Plastic Containers

They are made of plastic and are mostly made from old plastic bottles, these bottles are easily purchased and manufactured after being cleared because they do not take a lot of costs and can be used in many purposes and their prices are affordable to everyone.

Fabrics Industry

Available to some people and they are specific in the markets All you need is to start by getting to know the big merchants and get to know the prices circulating in the markets and start manufacturing easily and selling via the Internet or through stores or a headquarters for you.

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