With more than 800 million users worldwide in the latest stats, Messenger confirms that it is one of the best known and most used instant messaging app.

The interaction between you and your clients on Messenger can make them feel your interest in them. Messenger also provides commercial projects with some exclusive benefits such as:

API Interface in Messenger

Where the business owner determines the business problem that you will solve and using the interface can create a semi-automated or fully automated experience. The example of Sephora which we will address in a short time is an example of using the API.

Instant Responses Feature in Messenger

These are messages that are automatically sent as the first response from your page to new messages. For example, an instant reply message can be used to tell customers that you will call back soon or to thank them for communicating with your page.

Add the “Customer Chat” button: to your website, for fast and easy communication.

Paid Benefits through Messengers

Advertising on the main screen of the program

When someone clicks on the ad, they are directed to the destination you chose while creating ads, whether it’s your site or your social media account.

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Funded Messages

It allows you to send promotional offers directly to the people you have already communicated with.

“Quickly respond to messages” Phrase

Obtaining this phrase will give your customers an impression of vitality and speed, and a quick response icon for messages will show the pages that respond to private messages quickly and consistently. To obtain the phrase, your page must have achieved the following:

  • 90% or more response rate.
  • Response time less than 15 minutes.

Example: Sephora wanted the famous cosmetics company to make their booking experience faster and easier, so I use the API to develop an assistant that helps those who want to book

  • Conversation starts with writing the city name they want to have an appointment in. The bot shares a list from stores in that city.
  • When someone picks a store, the bot immediately shows that dates and times available.