In this article, all the work that makes money through the Internet at a high speed will be presented; especially we are in the world of speed and development.


If you have a high ability to write and attract audiences through your writing or by writing books, stories, and novels through which you can create a website or blog and write down all of your writing and your work so that you can reap profits by writing or contracting with Arab or foreign companies to write articles and reports Own them with a physical article.


Most translators in the world work in homes, so if you are a foreign language owner and can translate, I advise you to work on translating books, articles, and novels so that you can earn profits very quickly. These jobs are downloaded on many websites for job advertisements as an independent or remote site or five and others and you. The company or website transfers your money through money order.

 Manage Social Media Pages

In this case, you make an advertisement to manage social media sites, whether they are personal accounts, companies or institutions, and then manage and publish the content on them, respond to customer inquiries and make the company’s designs and graphic motions as well for the company explaining its work in a new way.

 Data Entry

We have become a whole world of data entry and output and the data entry employee and records are appointed through the job site and work is done at home and it is necessary that the entrance has data for speed in writing and high achievement in delivery.


Dropshipping is done by selling products and goods through e-commerce sites and you do not need to manufacture products or goods only. It requires you to find good products on Alibaba sites and put a picture of this product with a good description of the product in addition to ads or advertisements.

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