What is the Behavior?

A successive series of reactions issued by the consumer to achieve his goals and needs and satisfying his continuous and changing desires from time to time, as well as expressing his acceptance or rejection of attempts to influence him from the elements of the surrounding environment, whether these elements are material or human, and it is a behavior that the person highlights As a result of his exposure to internal and external stimuli, through which he can achieve an environmental balance and satisfy all his desires and needs.


The foundation in new and modern marketing, the success of any organization or company depends on satisfying the desires of consumers and customers, so most institutions seek with all their human potentials to understand the consumer and his motivations, needs and directions, so this task is not easy, as well as understanding his personality and this is one of the most complex tasks, and there are two types of consumers The commercial institution must understand these two types in order for the establishment to be able to deal with them easily and simply.

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Types of Consumers

Individual Consumer

He is the person who purchases services and products with the aim of satisfying all his immediate needs and desires, or for family consumption.

Industrial Consumer

He purchases services, products, and equipment, and his main motivations behind the buying process are to use them in the production process or provide other services, and the purchase decision is made for all parties of the organization, given that an industrial consumer is an organizational unit for profit.

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Defining Consumer Behavior

What the consumer highlights in researching, buying, and using this commodity, product, and ideas that the consumer expects will satisfy his desires and needs according to his available purchasing capabilities, which is a system, and this behavior is formed as a result of an interaction of a set of actions that are motivated, perceptive, personal, learning, directions, and other procedures, and this is what drives him To configure the initial image

And attitudes towards the goods, services, and products offered, and consumer behavior is a system of open systems that interact with external factors, as well as behavior has a broad and significant impact on external factors by developing laws, regulations, technical development and the like in addition to the human influence on the surrounding environment in which it lives.

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