Silicon Valley worked very successfully in Cairo recently, and most of the areas in it started working with high technologies and modernizing all industrial works. It was said at this time that Egypt is entering the nanotechnology world and this is because it has one of the best cities that have been implemented recently. The investment zone will be the technology that will face the world recently.

Silicon Valley Egypt

It will work to transform Egypt economically and culturally for the better in the future and will have a brilliant future in the world of electronic industries. Egypt has been doing many huge investments that help in developing the eastern side of the city of Ismailia.

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Industry Development in Egypt “Silicon Valley”

The existence of a group of strategic works related to the national industrial development processes that contributed to attracting the investment process. In the coming period, these advanced works and new projects will be presented one by one, because the economist stressed that the New Technology Valley in Egypt is of a great importance.

Silicon Valley worked to configure more than 10 factories to work on solar energy production, more than 650 megawatts of electricity were produced, which would be one of the famous works presented by the new technology in the world, and it would be one of the new works presented by Silicon Valley is within the Silicon Valley business located in California.

Egypt will be among the major cities that work to develop the industry because the Silicon Valley project included a very large group of factories that work to implement energy slides and worked to rend the silica and quartz technology factories. It is 50 acres near Ismailia.

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Development Work is Continuing with Silicon Valley

This field will be a new beginning for the traditional energy business, in which case the work will be developed step by step for the success of the projects, and the investment operations in this field will be important and distinctive.

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