The legendary man, Carlos Barabis, the e-commerce giant, and the spiritual father of e-commerce from a store in the popular market to one of the most important entrepreneurs in Spain, has had seven years of strict discipline in the school of the internal system, Carlos Barabis has worked that he wants to be a master of himself.

Carlos considered him to be the spiritual father of e-commerce and called him “the king of electronic commerce”. He was delegated at international economic conferences, and he used the expertise of banks and financial institutions. He became a prominent entrepreneur in the world.

He recalls, saying: “These years were the hardest in my life, and when I last went out of the school gate, I swore to never let anyone order me again.”

The story started from the village of “Benasque” in Spain, Carlos Barabis 20 years was observing mountain sports and skiing enthusiasts and they came to the village from all of Spain to practice their hobby, and from here he decided that he trades in equipment, clothes and sports equipment with limited capital and the place of his father began Displays the products hence the moment of the transformation began.

In 1993 the internet revolution started, and here Carlos decided that he would use the Internet to sell sports products and equipment he trades in. He announced the release of the first website,, for retail sale and the only one specialized in mountain sports equipment.

Now that “Barabis” has reached forty years of age, the most important thing he achieved in his life is his success on this site, after he established with his brother’s assistant in his early twenties, and after building this site to become a popular and global website via the Internet to sell special equipment Climbing mountains.

Barrabes has arrived It is the first source of all mountain sports equipment in the world and it is characterized that you can order the orders and be delivered within 24 hours.

Parapis has had ample time, money, and freedom to invest or to provide advice and advice to a group of start-up companies that use the Internet as their main field of activity.

“Parapis” prefers projects that look to the future from within the larger directions, “he says, such as mobile applications, video over the Internet and social networks that contain advertising content, and he explains how he saw the Internet as the best way to sell equipment to the world without having to leave His village.