What Encourages Investors to Start Their Business in Belize?

  • Real estate prices in Belize are reasonable compared to some other countries in the same region.
  • Currency exchange rates are stable. The Belize dollar is equivalent to approximately two US dollars.
  • Belize has a strategical location near North America, about two hours by plane from Miami, USA.
  • The country provides tax incentives that attract investors.
  • Foreigners who buy land or property in Belize are granted the same rights as local citizens regarding the ownership of real estate.
  • The country enjoys political and economic stability.

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Procedures to Set Up a Company in Belize

  • Choosing a company name and search for it to see if it can be used.
  • Determining the company’s headquarters.
  • Registering the company’s articles of association.
  • The establishment of the company requires one person and one manager.
  • Applying for a commercial license. It requires:
  1. Compliance certificate from the company registry.
  2. Proof of residence.
  3. Pay the fees for obtaining the commercial license.
  4. The city council is visiting the place.

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  • Creating a stamp for the company.
  • Completing the business tax and sales tax procedures.
  • Registering employees with the Social Security Council.