Tomato is one of the most used plants in all homes, and tomatoes are products that are available in more than 600 different species and are of multiple colors, so it is possible to grow them in agricultural lands.

It enters in the manufacture of many dishes and the most delicious dishes are held, besides it contains a large group of benefits that provide us with vitamins that the body needs and is considered one of the elements that contain minerals and are among the plants that improve the digestive system and help in its ability to absorb fat and be Rich in many antioxidants.

Ingredients for Canned Tomato Paste

Steps to make canned tomato paste and get to know the main ingredients for it. They are available as follows:

  • Red tomatoes, let it be 5 kg.
  • Tablespoons of table salt
  • Jars and it must be deep.
  • A piece of fabric.

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Preparation Method

  • Perfectly wash all tomato kernels to get rid of dirt and dirt and dry them out.
  • Put a little water on the fire and let it boil.
  • Mark a tomato with a knife.
  • Put the number of tomatoes collected in boiling water for a period of not less than 3 minutes, for the outer shell to extract easily.
  • Get rid of the skin and cut the tomatoes into small pieces and get rid of the seeds.
  • Put the number of tomatoes extracted on the fire with the amount of salt and leave it a little.
  • Filter the liquid from it and, after applying it well by hand, to extract the liquid from it.
  • Tomatoes are placed after completion in glass jars after they have completely cooled and left in the refrigerator until use or it can be placed in the freezer.

Canned Tomato Paste Project

Its steps are simple and help to produce large quantities in a simple time, so the profit from this project is about twice, so this project can be easily established, so it does not need capital only. It is possible to start this project with only 50 pounds, and after that many profits will be obtained.

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Ingredients of Saudi Tomato Paste

Tomato juice extract is one of the things that are used at home in abundance and is classified as one of the best ingredients for foods that are used in the manufacture of beans, peas, pasta, and many other things, besides that it is easy to carry out this work at home.

The flavors are put on tomato paste because it has absolutely no chemicals in it besides it is one of the safest things that can be made at home and cannot bring health risks permanently, and the components of tomato paste are easy things, and tomatoes have many benefits that are known to be one of the good things for the body.

The main component of this work contains a large group of important vitamins and minerals

The body needs and helps it to health, in addition to the calories it contains are not high but very low and among the components of tomato paste:

  • Fresh red tomatoes.
  • Olive oil.
  • Salt.
  • Lemonade.

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Implementation of the Saudi Tomato Paste Project

One of the delicious things, although it takes a long time to prepare it, it is one of the basic things that must be worked on at home, so tomato paste is prepared as follows:

  • The oven at a temperature not less than 175 degrees Celsius.
  • Wash and chop tomatoes.
  • Put it with olive oil and leave it on fire until it is cooked and through this method, the outer shell is removed.
  • Lemon juice on it and put table salt on it and after it was put in the oven for half an hour, stirring well.
  • It is removed from the oven in case of a heavy volume of tomatoes.
  • It becomes a bright color, and at this point, there will never be any water.
  • Putty is placed in glass containers, and space is left in each container and put in a water bath for a period of not less than a quarter of an hour.
  • After the paste is completely cold, put it in the cooling or freezing as desired, and it is preferable to put a spoon of olive oil on each bowl of them while keeping in the refrigerator.

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Saudi Organic Tomato Paste

It is one of the most important extracts of tomato juice and it is one of the basic things in every home because it comes in many purposes for cooking, besides it has a very distinctive taste besides that it has a high nutritional value, and most people get it from well-known shops and hypermarkets, and it can be done Made it at home.

Saudi Arabia has the largest factories that manufacture tomato paste which is known as (salsa). The project of making tomato paste is one of the most important and most successful projects that are implemented, which is one of the products that cannot be dispensed within our daily life, so this project is one of the projects that have been Work on it a lot in Saudi Arabia, and it is one of the small projects that many young men and girls carry out.

Tomato Paste Industry

Through a set of simple components and these components must be provided to achieve a successful project, and among these components:

  • A large number of red tomatoes.
    • Salt.
    • Kilograms of red pepper.

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Preparation Method

It is necessary to follow a set of important steps that help to prepare tomato paste ready in a simple time, by following these steps:

  • We wash tomatoes well.
  • It is placed in an electric mixer with a little salt.
  • Tomato juice is filtered.
  • Tomatoes are placed in a large pot over the fire and left for a period of not less than half an hour or according to the quantity that was made.
  • Tomatoes are placed after being put on the fire for 3 consecutive days in the sun
  • Tomato paste is placed in glass jars that are kept until needed or sold as desired.

How to Implement a Tomato Paste Project

It consists of:

  • A small place for tomatoes to be prepared.
  • A large number of tomatoes for the implementation of the project.
  • Preparing the sauce from which it must have large burners.
  • A large container to put the tomatoes until they are ripe and must be sufficient for the amount that is made.
  • A large electric mixer is sufficient to put large quantities to facilitate the matter.
  • Glass jars with which the clay is placed.
  • A large colander for filtering tomatoes to get rid of crusts and seeds.

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