Car maintenance at the present time is extremely important and the reasons are due to the need of car owners to continue maintenance and this project is considered one of the profitable projects compared to others, and it returns to its owner huge profits.


The owner of the maintenance center must obtain all the necessary licenses to practice this profession with ease And until the work is done legally

Surrounding the Center with a Long Wall

The maintenance center is surrounded by a long wall. This wall is not less than 3 meters from the back streets so you are protected from thefts.

The Cars

It is not permitted to park any car from the back streets of the car maintenance center, according to the required conditions, but this part differs depending on the country.

Maintenance Inside the Center

It is very necessary to do all maintenance and repairs inside the covered building, which is the center, and it is not permissible to carry out maintenance work outside this building, so only that building must be done.

Periodic Maintenance

You must do maintenance and repair work continuously and periodically in order not to accumulate vehicles and cars inside the center, so it is necessary to rid all existing maintenance and receive other cars like them for maintenance.

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